Guess who is the new Brand Ambassador for Textworld?

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Thank you Texworld for having me as your Brand Ambassador! I believe we can radically change the future of fashion by bridging the information gap that prevents upcoming designers from learning best practices at an early age.

The show started in Paris, and now, across the globe. I love that Texworld USA provides an event not only to buy and sell fabric, apparel and accessories, but also an education platform to learn and expand your knowledge in business and sustainability.

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Visitors had the opportunity to explore the show floor with incredible showcases, and hands-on workshops. We went LIVE on Resource Row! Recourse row is a curated group of companies helping designers and product developers scale their buisness by providing resources to do it right, and ethically.

We met Local Loft. Local Loft is a platform that provides low minimums, so as emerging fashion designers we can give a small piece order and get the collection done and delivered to you.. On Recourse Row we had:


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We stopped at the Trend Showcase, created by Parisian Art Directors, Louis Gerin & Grégory Lamaudabout. We discussed how they select the most interesting fabrics to showcase, and how they work as a team to create the trend book for the season. Please Check it out, you wont regret it! (

Dennis Smith, the Founder of Texworld told me, “It’s a huge benefit to have young people who are just starting out. We hold Seminars and TexTalks, were we discuss the ABC’s of being in the business. You not only have to be very creative and talented, you must equally have the skills to run your own successful business. … and a little bit of LUCK!”

Stay Tuned for Winter Edition Jan 21-23 2019!

Veronica Apsan