WWD Style Dimension


Throughout the event, Samsung 837 continued to prove the importance of bringing together fashion and technology in the 21st century, and takes a leading role in facilitating the merging of the two industries.

Giving people a front row seat to dynamic industry conversations with guests like Mark Badgley and James Mischka, Eva Chen of Instagram, and other fashion influential figures helped draw huge crowds of guests in and outside of the fashion industry, making Samsung 837 a go-to hub during NYFW.

This September, WWD style dimension panels were AMAZING and provided great feedback for fashion entrepreneurship!


We met @sophiachabott, Digital Director of WWD, and personal branding experts @carolineinnycity of Shop Bop & and @alizalichtxo of Alice & Olivia 🌟🦋⠀

The discussion revolved around the link between social media, personal branding, and the importance of representing yourself and your company the best way you can🤳🏻👀💫 ⠀

I asked asked the panelist their top tips for fashion entrepreneurship:

1. have a strong mentor to help you learn the ropes of the fashion industry ⠀

2. observe and absorb. try everything you can, don't limit yourself and spread your horizons ⠀

3.partner and collaborate with as many people as you can,

and reach out to them to follow/promote you or you product on that platform

4.develop an initial group of peers who can grow and learn and develop with you

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Check out last New York Fashion Week, WWD Dimension Below. ENJOY!

Veronica Apsan