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Designers, Engineers, and Scientists are rethinking the way we use materials. 


A new generation of materials will be instrumental in enhancing our everyday lives as we know it.

We are Shaping the future of fashion.

Fashion Aficionado brings insider knowledge and industry insights to rising designers and students who will be leading the next generation of fashion. By giving young leaders access to this knowledge, we can radically change the future of fashion by bridging the information gap that prevents upcoming designers from learning best practices early on.

Technology is transforming the way we wear clothes.

80% of textiles are set to become more technical in nature, according to the iOSR Journal of Polymer and Textile Engineering.

Textile innovations and refined recycling processes are playing a major role in the development of a more sustainable future of fashion.They include such areas as cleansing the environment, repurposing toxic substances, improving health and replacing unsustainable materials with effective alternatives. A new generation of materials will be instrumental in enhancing our everyday lives as we know it. There will be a commercialization of textiles as well as bioengineered clothing solutions that are less demanding on the environment; improving lifestyle and health benefits, creating more value, while reducing the damage caused by the fashion industry and consumers.

David Merchan, MIT Senior Major in Material Science, Minor in Physics,  Erika Anderson, MIT Senior Major in Engineering/Minor in Design and Jit Ramesh, Material Scientist at Oxford University join me at the VFTV studio…..


Erika Anderson

MIT: Mechanical Engineering/Design


David Merchan

MIT: Material Science, Physics, Skier


Jit Ramesh

Oxford University, Material Science


I think this unwavering optimism about the future, and the pace of scientific advancement provides an inspiring outlook for the future of our industry.


 Stay Tuned!


Veronica Apsan